The Clarkes first developed Kiwoko Hospital, a Church of Uganda community based mission hospital in Nakaseke district, which has continued to offer subsidised services to the poor for over 28 years. When they first arrived in Kiwoko, Dr. Clarke said: It is truly incredible to be here, we are still finding it hard to imprint on our consciousness that we are actually in Uganda. The Ugandan people are really lovely, many of them will express appreciation of what you are trying to do. (Dr. Ian Clarke - 2/8/1988). Dr. Clarke has not stopped using his talent, resources and expertise to address some of Uganda’s pressing problems, particularly in the health Sector.

From Kiwoko, the family moved to Kampala, where Dr. Clarke started a private clinic known as International Medical Centre (IMC), which grew, over the next decade into International Medical Group (IMG), which includes International Hospital Kampala (IHK), International Medical Centers (now 22 clinics around the country) and IAA Healthcare (a health Insurance organisation with over 60,000 members). The goal has been to develop sustainable private healthcare in Uganda and improve the lives of Ugandans.


In 2005, Dr. Clarke established a School of Nursing. The primary goal of the school was to rethink, refresh, and make a difference to the way new and professional nurses were being educated in Uganda. The school proved a strong foundation for expanded education in the health sciences and in 2008, International Health Science University (IHSU) was established with the expanded aim improving the training of human resource for health in the country. Since that time IHSU has graduated over 2,000 health personnel. In 2018, IHSU was renamed Clarke International University (CIU), giving the university a new brand that fits its future direction. At its launch, Dr. Clarke posted: “As a doctor I have been involved in the development of the health sector in Uganda for more than 25 years, and the purpose of IHSU was to develop a cadre of high quality health workers who could contribute to health sector development. More recently I have also become involved in the education sector, and in the agricultural sector. Health, education and agriculture are three of the most important sectors for the development of Uganda, and my involvement reflects my passion for sustainable development. In the process of developing businesses in Uganda I have found that one of the reasons why young graduates fail to find jobs is because they receive training, which is very theoretical, and have no practical experience. With the expansion of IHSU to CIU, and the establishment of a School of Business and Applied Technology we aim to change this…I want our university to be a values based university, where students understand the importance of basic values such as punctuality, reliability, loyalty to their organization, integrity, honesty, and a strong work ethic. In Uganda today such characteristics are often looked down upon in the race to find quick money, but in the long run they are what will provide a strong foundation for success.”


In 2015 the Clarke family commenced Clarke Junior School (CJS), with a view to making quality primary and secondary school education available at an affordable price. The whole family truly believes in the value of quality educational opportunities for both individual children and the community at large. He says: “We wanted to create a school that delivers the Ugandan National Curriculum through incorporating the latest international research on teaching and learning. Upon finishing their primary schooling at Clarke Junior School we believe your child will be in a unique position of having the personal and academic skills (as well as the necessary qualifications) to continue their learning journey either through the Ugandan or in any other system. We want your child to have developed skills of inquiry, questioning the world around them and not just blindly accepting what they are told. We want your child to relish the joy of discovery and to embark on a lifetime of learning that is both rigorous and fun. We believe Clarke Junior School will provide your child with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, practise the skills and develop the understanding they need to become future leaders in a globalised world…”


In 2015, the Clarkes also started the development of a large commercial farm in the west of Uganda. The farm, among other goals, is dedicated to improving the lives of thousands of farmers by tooling them with better agricultural practices. Dr. Clarke continues to pursue business practices that have social impact and build human capital for Uganda.



Touch Namuwongo Project under International Medical Foundation (IMF) is a Ugandan registered NGO that was started by Dr. Ian Clarke in 2004 as a response to a gap in secondary and tertiary health care for the poor and vulnerable in Uganda with a major focus on people in hard-to-reach communities. Touch Namuwongo project was established in 2008 with an aim of reducing TB & HIV related mortality and morbidity in the urban slums of Makindye division, Kampala, through improved access to essential TB and HIV/AIDS information, prevention, testing and treatment services. It is based on a sustainable community empowerment model with involvement of Village Health teams at the community level.


In 2011 Dr. Clarke was elected Mayor of Makindye Division of Kampala and in that capacity worked to improve the roads, de-silt the drainage channels, and remove the backlog of garbage in the division thus improving public health.


The vision of the Clarke family is to impact Uganda through sustainable development. Over the years they have provided thousands of jobs in their various enterprises, and recognise the need for a values-based practical education as a foundation for employment.

The name 'Clarke' has been associated with community and sustainable development, not only in healthcare but also in business. CIU builds on the lessons learned over the years. We are delighted to continue to work as adopted Ugandan, with other fellow Ugandans, for the betterment of this nation.

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