Kumakech Ponsiano - Guild President


Message from the Guild President


Our vision is to develop, improve and nourish the lives of all students from Application to Graduation.


To reestablish the Guild as the art of Campus, Develop and support students’ values through and after Campus.



In execution of the Guild duties, all Guild Officers shall uphold the integrity of the University and themselves as stipulated in this Constitution. All members of the Guild MUST uphold their integrity and that of the University as stipulated in this Constitution.

Respect for all

Respect for all persons regardless of age, sex, race, physical appearance, socioeconomic status and nationality shall prevail at all times and shall be respected by all Members of the Guild.

Agents of change in Health

All Members of the Guild shall live the positive change they want to see in regard to health and other issues of Community Concern.

Gender equality and empowerment of women

All members of the Guild shall carry out activities without breach of the Constitution to promote human and Personal development through programs that will create gender equality and Women Empowerment.