CIU-Poland exchange: Daniel Odeke’s experience

My name is Daniel Odeke, doing Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health, second year (DCM 11) Reg,no: 2017-DCM-FT-FEB-008.

Clarke International University has an exchange program with Vincent Pol University in Poland that I was considered and selected for by the Registrar.

CIU is one of the best institutions I have attended so far. It’s very unique in the sense that their major concern is giving the very best to their students and bringing out the best in them.

Through this exchange program, I learnt to cope with different situations, make meaningful relationships and above all enjoy my studies and achieve basic and practical skills in physiotherapy.

The benefits I got from this trip are endless but these are some of the few;

Spiritually, I got to know many Christians of like faith as we visited several churches and had opportunity to minister in most of them.

Socially, I made friends and interacted with people of various ethnic, socio-cultural and economic backgrounds. I had a lot to learn and the positive lessons and experiences are impacting my life in a sense that I now truly appreciate the beauty of cultural diversity among people from different backgrounds and walks of life.

Academically, I attended lectures. I also visited some Health centers and did some practical training. I passed my examinations quite well. 

Studying Physiotherapy is definitely a bonus to my carrier, especially now that there's a crisis with the use of drugs in the management of most conditions because doctors treat symptoms mostly. The link between the cause and disease (clinical manifestations) of most illnesses, which is no longer paid attention to, is better understood by physiotherapists; therefore a better understanding of the normal physiology and biomechanics of different organ systems of the body is the basis of detecting and explaining various pathophysiology as well. Physiotherapy aims at restoring or improving body normal function by manipulating and stimulating factors that occur and work naturally for example use of exercises that improve normal range of motion of the movable parts of the muscular-skeletal system.

It was right for IHSU then to say they came to make a difference and they are still focused on leading, innovation and transformation. These are all words fitting to describe CIU’s outstanding potential which is reflected by its highly qualified graduates. Besides that, CIU is a home and a family to many of us.

The teaching mode is good. I love the comprehensiveness of the content. The methodology used by most lecturers enhances learning; the problem based and solving approach sets up a challenge for the learner to search for more knowledge, innovate and hence develop and bring out the capacities that otherwise would have been untapped potential, hence the learners are facilitated to reach for the highest goals and dreams of their careers.



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