National Council for Higher Education(NCHE) visit our New Home

As we celebrate the new month of September, we also celebrate yet another milestone for Clarke International University. On Monday 31st/08/2020, we were honoured to host two groups of representatives from the National Council for Higher Education(NCHE).
The first group of representatives came to assess our readiness for the Open Distance and E-learning(ODEL) recommendations by NCHE; While the second group of representatives was an inspection team of engineers from both NCHE and the Ministry of Works. They inspected our new home, to ensure that it meets the structural capacity indicators.
This is such a great accomplishment for CIU. We have been working on our home for a couple of years and it is great to finally see it come to life. We thank our promoter Dr. Ian Clarke, our Vice Chancellor Dr. Rose Clarke Nanyonga, the entire Management team, teaching faculty, administrators, support stuff, students and alumni, for making this dream a reality. We look forward to welcoming you all to our new home when it is safe.

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