Government asks Universities to adopt ICT system in quality assurance

The Senior Presidential advisor of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Mr Sam Mukasa Mulira urged universities to embrace the ICT system in order to improve their quality assurance in service delivery. He made the remark during the official opening of the Uganda Universities Quality Assurance Forum workshop (UUQA) held at Clarke International University in Kampala on Wednesday, 11th March 2020.

UUQAF is a forum for quality assurance officers from universities were they bring together their experiences in working out strategies on how best they can ensure quality assurance in higher institutions.

Mr Mulira said that it’s now the right time to see how ICT can be adopted and enhanced in functions of quality assurance in universities. “In order to improve our quality assurance on labour market we need to have adequate knowledge and skills and this can be attained by adopting ICT systems in all universities, “he said Mr Mulira also said  that institutions are spending  more  money in  reading and  printing handouts  but using ICT will save time and money  because they will be using E- learning system . “ICT starts with infrastructure and you need to have standard structures in place where your going to install these systems because they need high level of  safety ,”he said.  Mr Mulira added that, with ICT system, even research becomes easy because teachers and student will be able to get more information from several scholars. “With ICT very thing is interconnected and this also helps in terms of communication because all device get connected and have access to information,” he said

Ms Florence Githinji the quality assurance officer from Clarke international University said that UUQAF aims at ensuring quality in all  universities  through service delivery  “We encourage all Ugandans to check their quality assurance and how they treat their clients using the bench marking model to know what is happening in other universities,” she said Ms Githinji also revealed that more sensitisation is needed to improved quality assurance in higher institutions of learning and they are working together with   National Council for Higher Education to put that in place. “Some of the staff find it hard to adopt the culture of quality assurance in teaching and learning however we are doing a lot of training to achieve this,” she said

Ms Rose Clarke Nanyonga the Vice chancellor Clarke International University  said that UUQAF has been instrumental in supporting universities to establish quality assurance systems and process in mentoring faculties .

The theme was about how we can a foster inclusion of teaching faculty into the quality assurance process because  leaders in higher institution knows that if you’re going to be effective, quality assurance matters”, ”she said Ms Nanyonga added that because several lecturers interact with students you have to make sure that teaching faculty are moving with quality assurance forward through curriculum and obstructions


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