Finding or Recognizing your Leadership Voice

Do you have trouble finding or recognizing your leadership voice?  Do you feel like you are talking but no one is listening?  In this conversation with my Colleague Irene Seguya BScN, MPhil we explore barriers and enablers and offer specific examples of how nurse and midwife leaders can find and strengthen their leadership voice.  Irene and I have personal stories of becoming NM leaders together at a young age, learning on the job, challenging status quos, negotiating for better pay, advocating for organizational cultures that enabled professional development et cetera (sometimes with surprising positive results and other times with epic failures from which we learned valuable lessons).  And through those experiences we each discovered and have sustained a leadership voice within the healthcare system and beyond.  We share and learn together.  The Inspire Leadership Series for healthcare providers are sponsored by Clarke International University and the Health professional Education Partnership Initiative (HEPI)

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