CIU 12th Graduation

So many lessons at the CIU 12th graduation. Just a few things I wrote down from the commencement speaker, Mr. Robert Kabushenga
1. The story of leadership, innovation and transformation has been captured in the life of a 70-year old man called Dr. Ian Clarke (the proprietor of CIU. And from Ian we learn a few other lessons:
2. Courage means that even in the presence of fear, you still act. So be courageous to try anything and everything
3. When you are in a position of advantage, do good and be generous to other people.
4. If you see people you admire, follow them
5. Trust the process
6. Keep learning
7. Be authentic-comfortable in your skin
8. Be pragmatic. Avoid procrastination
9. Hope can deliver if you keep it alive.
10. You owe it to yourself to learn everything you can learn. So keep on learning

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