Bishop. Dr. D Zac Niringiye visits CIU main campus

"I can sum up my visit with three words. 1)Milestone 2)Vision 3)Imagination. I am honored to experience something of the future and to be apart of the redefinition of space and its transformation. I congratulate Dr. Ian and the CIU administration on its commitment to the vision. Only dreamers can accomplish what CIU has accomplished in such a short time. The possibilities are endless at this point. Keep dreaming. Keep imagining. "
These were the remarks made by Bishop.Dr.D Zac Niringiye on the 11/09/2020, as he visited CIU's new campus in Muyenga for the first time. He was accompanied by Dr.Moses Galukande, the chair of the University council, Dr.Ian Clarke the promoter and Dr.Rose Clarke Nanyonga, the Vice Chancellor of the University.
Dr.D.Zac Niringiye is a retired Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Kampala, Church of Uganda, and Clarke International University's Chancellor.

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