Mental Health and Psychosocial Support for Anxiety and Depression

The objective of the course will aim to provide the essential theoretical and practical skills to be an effective mental health practitioner.

Learning outcomes
An understanding of essential concepts in relation to stress, detection, and diagnosis, application of different individual treatments such as psychoeducation and interpersonal counseling, and an understanding of the operational details of the program.

Content Areas
  • mental health and common mental disorders,
  • structure and essential building blocks of the program,
  • treatments of common mental disorders,
  • building an effective team & proper documentation.


This Course is 5 Weeks Online,
9:00am to 2pm on consecutive Saturdays


This Course is 350,000 Shillings and 10,000 Shillings application fee.

Facilitator's Bio

Mr. Patrick
Mr. Patrick
Patrick is a mental health facilitator with Finemind Uganda and he has trained over 20 mental health practioners for community outreach in kampala and Northern Uganda. Patrick will work in a collaborative approach with Maurice Osire Tukei who is a Clinical Psychologist and Lecturer.