Mr. John Bosco Alege
Mr. John Bosco AlegeVice Chancellor,

John Bosco Alege, Dean Institute of Public Health and Management, CIU

John  Bosco  ALEGE is a Public  Health Specialist, and an established academician, Senior  Administrator, and health program manager.   John is a Ph.D. Candidate/Research Fellow at the Department of Community Health,  School of  Public  Health,  Kenyatta  University,  in Nairobi,      Kenya.      He qualified in Community Development (UMU), MSc. in Development    Planning   (University of London) and a Master of Science in Public Health     (CIU) with a Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Information from the University  of   North Carolina at Chapel Hill,   USA.  
John is currently a   Senior Lecturer and Dean at the School of Public Health,    International      Health      Sciences University,    and is fully involved in facilitating teaching &  Learning,  Research, and       Community       Engagement.       John previously    provided    strategic    technical, leadership, growth and development  for  the effective   operations   of   FHI360   in   South

Sudan under the Sudan  HIV  and  AIDS  Project  (SHAP), the biggest USAID/President’s  Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief in Africa (PEPFAR) program. SHAP a $2.2M five-year program aimed at improving access to HIV services to Most-at-Risk Populations (MARPS). He also served as a Programme Lead in South Sudan, in FHI360’s famous Regional Outreach Addressing HIV and AIDS through Development Strategies (ROADS) I & II. The ROADS I & II projects with a budget of over $ 5.7m were Prevention-Behavior Change Projects focused on creating access to quality HIV and AIDS services.

He also worked as an Emergency Health Grants Manager, with Development Alternatives Inc. that implemented a USAID/Office of Transitional Initiative Programme for South Sudanese Returnees from Ethiopia. John was a common Wealth Scholar at University College London, the University of  London,  he also won the  Vice  Chancellor's  Merit Scholarship at Uganda  Martyrs  University (UMU).  While at CIU  formerly  IHSU he was the  best Employee of the year (2014).
Co-author of four publications and a book chapter, he also participates in conference presentations, on average two international conferences per year.  John  has  strong  skills  and  competences  in  new  program  development,  including curriculum, networking and currently he is involved in managing a number of collaborations between the School of  Public  Health/CIU  and  other  Institutions  of  higher  learning,  Non-governmental  organizations  and  the Government  of  Uganda,  especially  Office  of  the  Prime  Minister  because  of  CIU's  interest  in  Refugee Programming.

John has led and been part of strategic consultancies in the East and Central African Region some  of  which  include;  Development  of  Reproductive  Health,  Maternal,  Child  and  Newborn  Health Training materials for Save the Children Somalia, National Supervisor for WHO-Uganda OPV campaign using the Lots Quality Assurance Survey, Development and Dissemination of professional fee guidelines for Healthcare professionals in Uganda funded by Cardno/USAID Uganda, Selection of principle recipient and sub-recipients for Global Fund Uganda. Provided technical support for the Development of Health the System Strengthening project for South Sudan. He has study, work and travel experiences in the following countries:  Uganda,  Kenya,  Somalia, Republic of Sudan,  South  Sudan,  Ethiopia,  Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Mozambique, United Kingdom, and Poland.

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