Comprehensive HIV Care & Management

Course Description and Objectives

With HIV/AIDS still remaining a burden, every health care worker needs to be abreast and updated with information regarding its care and management. This short course on Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Care and Management will equip learners with knowledge, skills, and attitude to care for the patient with HIV, emphasizing areas of diagnosis and care and treatment. Learners will have the chance to appreciate the pathogenesis of HIV and have valuable discussions on antiretroviral agents. You will also have the unique opportunity to learn in an interprofessional environment as we aim towards interprofessional practice with a target of providing coordinated care and services to our patients, seeing that we work in a multi-professional environment. In this course you will also gain greater competency in the areas of value and ethics, understanding your respective roles and responsibilities, interprofessional communication, and teamwork.


This course is a great option for healthcare workers who are in/or are interested in HIV/AIDS care and management, and healthcare workers in their internship. These include Doctors, nurses, midwives, clinical officers, pharmacists, dispensers, counselors, laboratory personnel, internists.


  • Ugx 350,000/-
  • USD 96
Content areas
  • HIV pathogenesis
  • Antiretroviral agents
  • HIV Diagnosis and initiation of ART
  • Management of HIV in Adult patients
  • Management of HIV in Paediatric patients
  • PMTCT and management of HIV in pregnancy
  • Management of opportunistic infections and co-morbidities
  • Community-based HIV service delivery
  • Health Systems building blocks

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the pathogenesis of HIV
  2. Describe the diagnostic protocols of HIV
  3. Discuss the management of adult and pediatric patients with HIV
  4. Discuss the community-based HIV service delivery and the health systems building blocks


This Course Online
It is designed to run for a duration of 5 weeks.

Training model

This will be strictly on-line using the Moodle Open Distance e-Learning (ODeL) platform where participants will be able to access the course at any time of the day from anywhere with internet access. Where applicable and necessary, meeting tools like zoom or google meet will also be utilized. 

Each module will have a case study to guide discussions; short individual activities, group work, and group discussions. A number of forum discussions will also be held. Content will be provided as PowerPoint presentations that will be used for lecture transmission.
Upon completion of the program, graduates will be eligible for a certificate in Comprehensive HIV/AIDS care and management from CIU.

Facilitator's Profile

Judith Allsaints Apio

A nurse with passion and interest in drugs and how they work, HIV, and oncology nursing. She has taught at Clarke International University for about 9 years now, majoring in the areas of pharmacology and medical nursing. She is interested in reducing the misconception that students have about pharmacology and tries her best to always present it in an easy-to-understand way. The appreciation of pharmacology also makes it much easier to navigate through medical problems. Her clinical interests lie in the areas of HIV and cancer care and these are areas that she is keen to pursue. Judith received her Bachelor's degree in Nursing from Makerere University and is currently pursuing a master's in Pharmacology and Therapeutics from Mbarara University of Science and Technology. She is a recipient of the PharmBiotrac small research grant (USD 5000) and was a Co-principal Investigator of a Ten Million Uganda shillings grant to conduct operational research on “Coverage of Behavior Change Communication Interventions of Naguru Teenage Information and Health Center”.

Judith has vast experience in facilitating training in the areas of supply chain management, inter-professional training and practice; and Quality improvement. She currently facilitates the inter-professional Education and Practices in HIV care at Clarke International University, a joint project that is implemented by CIU, Kabale University, Busitema University, Makerere University, and Nsambya Hospital; and led by Makerere University Joint Aids Programme (MJAP) and. Her philosophy is that life offers everyone space in which they can thrive, and with support for one another, each one can arrive at that which they envision.