Clarke International University is a values-based university that inspires leadership, critical thinking, innovation, and outstanding academic training that transforms communities.  Our mission is to prepare students for global leadership and to be catalysts for transformation.  All our students are now expected to take the CIU Leadership Pledge at orientation and graduation.  Join our story and community in taking the CIU Leadership Pledge

We, Class of ______ hereby undertake the CIU Leadership Pledge to:

  • Lead even in the absence of a title
  • Lead with values and principles that will withstand the overwhelming burden of compromise
  • Lead with our inspiring innovations, talent, and contributions—they will make this a better nation
  • Lead by creating a path where there is none. If the door has not opened, we will continue knocking
  • Lead with resilience and courage
  • Lead with integrity and humility
  • Lead by taking ownership, responsibility, and being accountable
  • Lead by empowering, celebrating, and enabling others to greatness.
  • Lead by being well informed and continuing to challenge ourselves through lifelong learning
  • Lead with empathy and with compassion
  • Lead by nurturing our soul, heart, and spirit, and, by remembering we are human
  • Lead by making a difference
  • Lead, Innovate, Transform

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