International Students' Meeting

On 14th March 2019, a successful meeting was held between the International students and the CIU Administration. Some of the key issues discussed during this meeting were what the students appreciate about CIU, challenges they face at CIU, and ways of promoting the University at their home countries.

Present administrators included the Vice Chancellor Dr. Rose Clarke Nanyonga, the academic registrar Mrs Evelyn G Ayot, the Dean of Students Mr Maurice Osire and our promoter Dr. Ian Clarke. His core message:

CIU’s model emphasizes Theory into Practice; A model that inspires students to become active learners; and a model that empowers people for change!

Dr. Ian Clarke posing for a group photo with the International students

Students were able to meet and share their experiences so far at the University and this made the meeting highly engaging. We are glad to report that CIU now hosts students from 14 different countries.

They include Uganda, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethopia, South Sudan, Nigeria, Cameroon, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Zambia, Sudan and Czech Republic. As a University, we are proud to have successfully created an environment that favors diversification and inclusion of individuals from various places across the globe.