Promoting Sickle Cell awareness in schools

Clarke International University together with Uganda Sickle Cell Rescue Foundation conducted an interactive student learning session on sickle cell disease at Seeta High School Main Campus in Seeta, Mukono.

This activity was aimed at promoting sickle cell awareness and education while addressing the associated stigma and/or discrimination. This is geared to improve the quality of life of people living with sickle cell disease. In the long term, the participants will help in creating more sickle cell awareness in their various communities by them disseminating information received at school hence enabling other community members to get this information. Through the Seeta Sickle Cell Awareness Network -Club, the participants will help in advocacy against stigma associated with sickle cell.

The team from Clarke International University comprising of students especially from the medical laboratory science program and Foundation class offered a career talk to encourage students to venture into medical related courses offered at CIU.

As part of the event, an inter class debate was organized to help students learn more about sickle cell and its other social connotations like discrimination. This was to help students learn how to associate with people with sickle cell in their schools and communities.

Students received merit award certificates in recognition of their participation in the quiz session. This event was attended by 700 students from all classes excluding Senior four and Senior six.

Special thanks to the Vice Chancellor, Dean Institute of Allied Health Sciences, Course Coordinator Medical Laboratory Sciences course, BMLS Year II , Teacher Milly Mugyenyi of Seeta High and the entire Uganda Sickle Cell Rescue Foundation team.